Algae & Duckweed Control

Single cell algae, blanket weed and floating duckweed are often caused by an imbalance in the water's nutrient levels and their subsequent distribution. A lack of established machophyte (higher plant) species to make use of the nutrients, or artificially high nutrient enrichment caused by fertiliser (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) pollution, can lead to eutrophication and the emergence and domination of nuisance algae species.

If these problems are not managed accordingly then a decline in both the species biodiversity present and the overall water quality will prevail. We tackle the problem by first removing the offending algae or duckweed often manually, then improving the ecology of the water body at a chemical, physical and biological level to prevent any further algal blooms.

Other proven methods such as Ultra sonic units, UV resistant dyes, Eco-friendly control products, and Barley straw rafts all have their uses in the right situation. We supply and apply the best solution for each situation as part of our aquatic maintenance program. We believe the best long term protection is to establish a healthy, diverse aquatic ecosystem.